Selecting a Plan

Selecting a new home plan can be one of the most important, and difficult, decisions facing a new home buyer. Let the professional sales staff at DeShano Construction guide you through this challenging process.

We realize that every new homeowner has a special set of needs and requirements dictated by their individual lifestyle. These may not be met with off-the-shelf home plans. Often customers come to us with a rough sketch or a hand drawn floor plan that serves as the basic starting point for our professional full-time computer-aided drafting department to design their dream home. Customers can also choose from a range of existing DeShano home plans found in our website database and our Plan Book to begin designing the perfect home.

Once you have selected a plan, simply contact your area DeShano sales representative to discuss your needs and any changes you?d like to make to your plan. Your representative will note your desired changes and our fully computerized drafting department will modify the home plan to your needs and ensure the design meets all building code requirements for the region. Before you know it ... your ideas are transformed into your own personalized dream home.

Free Plan Book
If you have a slow internet connection or prefer a printed listing of our plan database, we offer a FREE Plan Book. The Plan Book contains all the plans listed on the website and other valuable information. If you don?t already have our Plan Book, please contact us by clicking on the graphic below and we will promptly mail a copy to you.

Home Plan Database
If you need some home design inspiration you can find it right here. DeShano?s Home Plan Database found here on our website contains hundreds of plans from which you can choose. Simply select a plan that closely matches your needs and DeShano will modify that plan to your specifications. You can go directly to the database by clicking on the graphic to the right.

Photos included on the Home Plans pages may depict options and upgrades - items that are not necessarily standard for any particular plan.

FREE Drafting service
When you choose DeShano Companies, Inc. as the builder for your new building project, your custom-designed prints are yours absolutely FREE! Free means just that ? no hidden charges, no hidden fees or markups - just free custom home plans. Unlike some other builders, we actually encourage our customers to modify the design and layout of their home plans to meet their needs. We will even modify or customize home plans several times if that's what it takes to help our customers arrive at the ideal home and yes, it's still absolutely 100% FREE.