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As you can see by the phrases listed above, there?s a lot of different terminology that is used to describe the various types and styles of room additions that can be added to a home. The differences in these terms are explained in the glossary at the bottom of this page.

Every sunroom or other type of addition that we build is designed specifically for your home and constructed entirely on site. There are no size or design limitations to worry about. On-site construction offers numerous advantages over pre-built sunroom kits or pre-manufactured sunroom additions.


Advantages of Site-Built Sunrooms & Room Additions:

  • Cost Effective - We can design a sunroom or other room addition to match your budget.
  • Flexible Designs - Our drafting department will help you design a plan specifically for your sunroom or room addition that will compliment and enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Quality Materials - We use the same high quality materials for our sunrooms and other room additions as we use for our new home construction for both quality and added longevity.
  • Energy Efficient - Most sunrooms and additions will be used year-round even though that may not have been the intent when initially built. We can insulate your sunroom to meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines with a negligible increase in the cost of the project.
  • Short Build Time - We know that you want to start enjoying your new addition as soon as possible. Our additions are designed specifically for your home which helps eliminate unforeseen problems and allows for expedited construction schedules.
  • Increased Value - Our room additions are normally built to the same, if not better, specifications than the home it is attaching to. Sunrooms or additions are investments that can increase the square footage and resale value of your home.
  • No Hassles - We take care of everything from the blueprints, zoning, permits, assist with financing if needed, showroom selections and all phases of construction to completion.
  • Solid Warranty - All of our sunrooms and room additions include a two-year, gutter-to-gutter warranty plus a ten-year major structural warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Comfort & Enjoyment - Whether you?re using your new room for quiet reading or visiting with family and friends, it will likely end up being the most frequently used room in your home!

We encourage you to stop by and visit our sunroom model that we recently added to our showroom here in Gladwin. Open Monday through Friday from 9:00 until 5:00 with no appointment necessary.


Glossary of Terms Commonly Used for Room Additions:

Sunroom (Sun Room) - The most common term used to describe single room additions with more windows than regular room additions so usually located at rear of home for additional privacy.

Four-Seasons Room (4-Seasons Room)?- Very similar to sunrooms and, as the name implies, is definitely meant to be used year-round. Four-seasons rooms need to be well insulated and heated, and may contain fewer windows to help lower heating costs during the winter months.

Three-Seasons Room (3-Seasons Room)?- Again, very similar to sunroom but not designed to be used during the winter months. A three-seasons room is limited mostly to summer homes, however we recommend that it be insulated in case you (or the next owner) change your mind and decide to add heat and start using it throughout the year. (This is very common!)

Michigan Room (MI Room)?- This is another term commonly used to describe a sunroom or four- seasons room that is meant for year-round use. It?s been said that Michigan is one of the few places on earth where, on occasion, you can experience all four seasons in a single day!

Room Addition - Any single room addition added to a home could fall into this category including bathroom and bedroom additions.

Patio Room or Patio Enclosure - This term is usually used to describe a room addition that is built on top of an existing deck or patio. The deck or patio must be able to support the added weight of the new room and must have a full foundation that extends below the frost line which, with certain exceptions, is usually 42" in central and northern Michigan.

Conservatory?? Conservatories are similar to sunrooms, however they contain vast amounts of glass over the majority of wall and ceiling spaces. Conservatories can be very elaborate and intricate in design which is also why they can be cost prohibitive when compared to more conventional room additions.

Solar Room - These are similar to conservatories but usually have less emphasis on intricate designs and more emphasis on functionality. Some solar rooms are designed to double as a greenhouse making them very popular with plant lovers, gardeners and horticulturists.