1.  Determine Your Budget

Calculating how much you are willing to spend is the first important step to success in your building project. If you plan on applying for a loan, you will need to meet with an experienced lender to evaluate the process and apply for a pre-approval.  Shopping several lenders will give you the ability to compare terms and see which loan options best fit your needs. Having a pre-approval allows us to help guide you in the design process.


2.  Property Selection

Next, you should decide on the location for your build. In addition to the cost of the home and land, there are other site-specific costs that should be considered.  These are things like: wells, septic systems, city water and sewer hookups, culverts, driveways, tree/stump removal, fill dirt, topsoil, gas/electrical hookup, etc.


3.  Decide on a Floor Plan

There are only two limiting factors when it comes to designing your dream home: your imagination, and your wallet.  Remember, it doesn’t require spending any money to find out how much your imagination costs!  Choosing a design builder will give you the freedom to mix and match as many pieces as you like to create the perfect house to fit your needs.



4.  Home Proposals

During the initial design phase of your home, we will create and adjust your home proposal as needed to reflect the modifications you make to the floor plan of your choosing. After you have approved a proposal on the floor plan and decided on a foundation type, a Job Supervisor will meet you on-site to estimate necessary site costs. After you accept a proposal with site costs, we will complete the drafting phase & a final proposal.



5.  Building Agreement & Construction

After all decisions have been finalized, you will be given a building agreement to review. Be sure to read all documents and make certain you are comfortable with their content before signing. Most builders will require a deposit at this point. After the selection process is finished, work will begin on your new home!


6.  Move In and Enjoy Your New Home!

Once your home is complete, we will schedule a walk-through with your job site supervisor to ensure all work has been completed to your satisfaction. After the closing process is complete, move in and enjoy!