Why Build New?


There is nothing more rewarding than designing a home that reflects your personal tastes and gives you those little things that make life more enjoyable, i.e. bigger bathrooms, an open floor plan, and larger closets, just to name a few.  The customized home of your dreams does not have to be a large home; it should be whatever size makes the most sense for you.

When thinking about building new versus buying a used home, consider these points:

Location of Your Choice

You choose the property, and you choose where and how the house will sit on that property (Within zoning requirements of course).  It is completely up to you where you want to live.

Custom Floor Plan

Don't settle for someone else's floor plan! We will help you design your home in a way that is totally customized to your needs.  Your home will be designed to fit you and your family's lifestyle, so you can simply move in and enjoy.

Lower Utility Bills

New homes are more energy efficient than used homes and have a more tightly-sealed building envelope.  This means the living space will be more comfortable with no drafts and less fluctuation in temperature between heating cycles.  A DeShano home is constructed using high efficiency blow-in insulation, foam-filled doors, low-e windows, and sun-reflecting roofs.  This creates a comfortable and affordable living experience.

Healthier Living

Modern construction materials are far superior to those used even five years ago; some materials in older homes pose health risks.  New homes are tested to ensure they meet proper ventilation standards, and foundations are sealed tightly to prevent radon gas from leaking into the living space.  Also, newly built homes are up-to-date with (and have modern safety features from) current building codes.  These include items such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, ground fault interrupters, vented water heaters, and properly sealed and vented furnaces.

Wise Investment

Newer homes have a higher resale value and appreciate more than used homes do.  Plus, there will be fewer repairs and updates to complete if you decide to sell your home.

Worry Free Move-In

With our one-year workmanship warranty and ten-year structural warranty, you can move in worry-free without the unexpected repairs that often come with a used home.  You will be able to spend your time and money the way you want, without worrying about repairs or remodeling.

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