Getting Started

One of the first steps when building a new home is selecting a location and, more importantly, an appropriate building site. It is very important to select a building site that is suitable for the type of home desired. For example, some building sites are better suited for a walk-out basement, while others may not be suitable for a basement at all. Another important factor is that while the price on a particular lot or parcel may initially appear as a "good deal," it may end up not being such a good bargain in the long run if it is going to require an excessive amount of additional fill sand in order to actually be able to build on it.

FREE Lot Assessment Service
By offering a free lot assessment service, we can help our customers determine if the site they are considering is suitable and cost effective.

Our knowledgeable and courteous sales representatives can help you in comparing mortgage rates from a large network of reputable lenders with whom our company has a good working relationship. If you already have a preferred lender, we will gladly work with them.

Foundation Types
Berm Homes Highest energy efficiency ratings combined with cost effective construction

Crawl Space Available in either block, poured concrete (smooth or brick pattern), or permanent treated wood foundation

Basement Available in smooth or brick pattern poured concrete, Great Lakes Superior Walls system, or permanent treated wood foundation

Home Styles

The home you select will have a large impact on the cost required to build that home. There are many factors that go into this equation. Some of the general guidelines are as follows:

1. Typically, two story homes are more cost effective to build than a single story home of the same overall square footage.

2. Often times, plans, especially those found in home plan magazines or on the internet, are drawn with many windows that are exceptionally large in size, thus increasing the cost of the new home significantly.

3. The overall complexity of a new home can increase the price substantially. A simple box type (four sides) home plan would be considered one of the most cost effective, while a home with many roof planes will cost much more to build.

4. The total number of inside and outside corners in the exterior walls of the home is another indicator of the cost to build a given home plan. While your basic rectangular home will only have four, some plans will have many more. Don't forget to count the angled corners for bump-outs and breakfast nooks as well.

5. The total linear footage of kitchen and bath cabinets, the number of bathrooms, and architectural features, such as vaulted and tray ceilings or curved staircases, are other factors that greatly influence a home's cost to build. But some degree of the "wow" factor is important to all home buyers. You choose what is most important to you.